The new Ferrari SP-8 is customized for a customer in Taiwan.

The-new-Ferrari-SP-8-is-customized-for-a-customer-in-Taiwan-1 Cars

Ferrari today unveiled a new model from its One-Off series, the Ferrari SP-8. As part of the brand’s special projects program, developed by the Ferrari Styling Center under the direction of Flavio Manzoni, it is a mid-engine supercar with V8, based on the discontinued F8 Spider model, from which it inherits the exterior, chassis and engine.


The car’s name celebrates the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, one of the most famous powertrains in history, having won the prestigious Engine of the Year (IEOTY) award four times in a row. As the customer who ordered the SP-8 is from Taiwan, the number 8 is also significant as it is considered extremely lucky in Chinese culture, traditionally signifying success, good fortune and personal achievement.

The most distinctive feature of the SP-8 is its lack of a roof, making it a purebred two-seater roadster, emphasizing its sporty character and instantly delightful visual effect of open space. This solution required careful aerodynamic refinement through CFD modeling, wind tunnel testing and track testing to ensure a standard of acoustic comfort and wind feel comparable to the car that served as inspiration for its creation.

The main styling theme of the car lies in the way its volumes intersect and merge with each other: the unpainted carbon fiber front end wraps around the tail, creating a two-tone effect that creates a strong contrast in terms of both color and materials.

The abandonment of the retractable hard top allowed the designers to radically reshape the entire rear end, giving it full volume with an elongated beltline. The car’s volume is divided into two parts, connected by a functional matte black center zone that includes side air intakes with separate ducts for the intercoolers and engine. The upper part of this strip includes an engine compartment vent with longitudinal elements reminiscent of the side straps characteristic of Ferrari models of the past.

The front of the car is dominated by an imposing cast aluminum grille made from a single 3D printed mold. The grille follows the same striped theme, but this time in a vertical direction, with the distance in plan gradually increasing towards the sides to better direct airflow to the two front radiators. The particular angular positioning of these elements was optimized in close collaboration between the Ferrari Styling Center and the aerodynamics team, who spent several months polishing the car using the CFD method.

Other elements of the SP-8 that have been redesigned compared to the donor car include headlights that have special masks and lenses, taillights borrowed from the Roma that have specific lenses, windscreen, exhaust pipes that have received the same treatment as on the 296 GTB, and specially designed wheels painted in a specific color (matte Grigio NART).

Incidentally, the five-spoke wheels with a directional pattern are exclusive to this car and represent a modern interpretation of the classic wheels used on Ferrari’s sporting prototypes, as well as on the legendary F40. An elaborate and integral part of their overall aesthetics are the heavily sculpted sections and large openings designed to make them lighter.

Inside the car, the center console has been significantly modified to accommodate the F1 gearbox controls that have appeared in the Ferrari lineup since the debut of the SF90 Stradale. For this purpose, the iconic gearshift knob had to be modified.

The interior trim is completed by seats with laser engraved details in Navy Blue alcantara combined with fabric with gradient effect and floor mats in special twill fabric with shimmering effect.

The matte Argento Micalizzato color created specifically for the SP-8 blends perfectly with the carbon fiber used primarily in the bodywork, which has an equally specific color and finish (glossy shimmering Blue Sandstone). Even the Blu Scuro Stellato color used to join the two body sections was specially designed.

The unique SP-8 will be on display from today at the Mugello circuit until the end of the 2023 Ferrari World Finals. It will then be on public display at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello from November 16, 2023 to March 2024.

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