The day my alarm went out from under the hay and made me look like a car thief.

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The day my alarm went out from under the hay and made me look like a car thief.

It was embarrassing at the time, but today it makes me laugh.

In January 1989, two weeks after I bought my fourth car, it was stolen.

I couldn’t believe it!

It ended my naive approach to safety.

Shortly after I returned the car, I set up the alarm and started to use the gearshift lever and manual brake lock. And I avoided the public car park from which it was stolen.

Setting the alarm.

My supervisor at work had his own alarm business on the side, and he recommended the alarm Moss, which was a popular and widely available brand here in the UK at the time.

The alarm was equipped with an ultrasonic motion sensor mounted on the dashboard, a siren under the hood and a keyfob remote control to arm and disarm it.

The installation was not too complicated, but running the wires was a little painful.

One of the wires seemed unnecessary. Its purpose was to block the alarm when the engine was running. I didn’t see any reason to connect it, considering you turned off the alarm with the remote before you entered the car. (I’m not sure the manual says it’s optional.)

After installation everything worked correctly.

Pressing a button on the remote control led to one buzzer indicating that the signal was set. Another press made three beeps and turned it off again.

However, I will soon find out why this braking wire was necessary.

An unforgettable journey.

A few days later, I was driving to work on the usual 70-mile roadway.

I wasn’t hanging around at the time, and I was on the outer track, “walking all the way,” as Rigsby might say in the rising dampness.

I set the beginning of the video to 0:22. The opening scene is so funny!

I just had to share it. But let’s go back to this story.

Like I said, I was driving in the outer lane when I heard the sound:

* SOUND *.

Time seemed to stop.

If it were a TV show, I’d look at the camera, trying to emulate Bea Arthur and Oliver Hardy’s knowing styles, because that beep was the signal sound that my car’s alarm went off – while I was driving!


It could not have been.

After all, in theory, the alarm could be turned on only by pressing a button on the remote control. And certainly wouldn’t press the button.

I must have imagined it.

Of course?

Afraid to move.

With minimal head movement, I looked at the ultrasonic sensor on the top of the dashboard, knowing that if it were active, it would pick up the slightest movement.

I tried to act like a statue – even breathing was risky. But it was useless.

Seconds later, the sensor picked me up, the alarm went off, and I was driving along with my headlights flashing and the siren screaming!

I grabbed the remote control that was in the middle of my keys near the ignition key and pressed the button. I don’t remember if it silenced the alarm or not, but if it did, it only happened for a moment.

My slide was fast approaching, so I took the exit and stopped on my stiff shoulder. It was close to the town and I remember the pedestrians watching me get out of the car with the siren still exploding and the headlights still flashing.

I must have looked very suspicious, opening the hood and pulling a bundle of wires out of the siren!

Luckily, no one interrogated me until I closed the hood and set off.

After a while.

As you can imagine when I connected the alarm, I also connected an “additional” wire lock!

Looking back, the remote control receiver was unable to distinguish between electrical interference from the ignition system and the signal to turn on the alarm. The additional wire was a manufacturer’s workaround to prevent it from activating the system while the engine was running.

My initial desire to simplify the installation certainly led to an unforgettable journey!


It’s a similar story.

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