Tesla’s first 2024 cyber truck sold at auction for $400,000, and the first deliveries are still pending.

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The auction took place at a gala event at the Petersen Auto Museum, but Tesla has yet to announce official specs or a delivery start date.

According to reports on website X, Tesla’s first 2024 cyber truck was sold at an auction at the Petersen Auto Museum.

The angular truck was sold for $400,000 and visitors paid at least $1,750 to enter the event.

Tesla has yet to confirm the production specs of the Cybertruck, and it is unknown how many engines are installed on this early example.

Finally, production of Tesla’s Cybertruck appears to have begun. Over the weekend, reports surfaced on social media that a 2024 Cybertruck was sold at auction at the Petersen Automotive Museum. According toInsideEVs.com, the vehicle allegedly sold for a whopping $400,000.

The auction took place during the Petersen Museum’s 29th gala event, hosted by Jay Leno. Tickets for the gala were priced at $1,750, table reservations were $17,500, and the “premiere” table was $30,000. Apparently, attendees have some spare cash: posts on X’s website, formerly known as Twitter, say the truck was auctioned off for $400,000. We reached out to the museum to confirm that figure, but a museum spokesperson told us that they could not confirm the amount won “due to internal fundraising policies.”

If the sale goes through, it will be the first Cybertruck to be officially sold. The unusual pickup truck, first unveiled in 2019, was originally scheduled for release in 2021, but constant delays have pushed back the timeline. The museum announced that gala attendees will be able to bid on a “low VIN” 2024 Cybertruck. A museum spokesperson told us that the winning bidder will receive a Cybertruck with a low VIN “when Tesla completes production,” effectively making this auction an auction for an assembly slot rather than a vehicle.

In recent months, there has been an increase in the testing of Cybertrucks and their transportation on flatbeds. Tesla has previously said that full-scale production won’t begin until 2024, but the first examples will start rolling off the assembly line as early as this year. On July 15, Tesla posted on the Xclaiming website that the first cyber truck was built at the automaker’s Gigas Texas plant.

This is not the first time a highly intelligent vehicle has been auctioned off. The first 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV sold for $500,000 at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction in January, and the first 2021 Hummer EV SUT truck sold for $2.5 million at the Barrett Jackson auction.

When will deliveries start?

However, Tesla has yet to announce an official date for the Cybertruck to begin deliveries. The automaker has also not confirmed the specifications of the production pickup truck, which, according to initial reports, was expected to cost around $40,000. Several variants were planned, from a basic single-engine rear-wheel-drive model to a high-performance three-engine variant, but it’s still unclear which one will be released by 2024 or at all.

The Cybertruck certainly exists now – Tesla recently released a video of the Cybertruck driving on dirt roads in Baja California, Mexico, and we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before it officially goes into production.

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