Ford expands charging station network with additional Tesla Superchargers.

Ford-expands-charging-station-network-with-additional-Tesla-Supercharg-1 Tesla

As the electric vehicle (EV) market grows, addressing the need for more charging stations is becoming a priority. To that end, Ford Motor Company recently announced plans to add a significant number of Tesla Supercharger charging stations to its network. The move is part of an effort to increase Ford’s BlueOval charging station network in North America by 25 percent, totaling more than 106,000 charging stations.

Charging station network expansion.

Ford’s decision to include Tesla’s Supercharger in its network of Superchargers isn’t just a whim. The company had previously planned to add about 12,000 Tesla Supercharger charging stations. Now that number has increased to more than 15,000 chargers.

This expansion comes after Ford entered into an agreement with Tesla that will give Ford EV owners access to Tesla Supercharger high-speed charging stations in the U.S. by early 2024. Interestingly, the partnership makes Ford the first major automaker to adopt Tesla’s proprietary charging standard.

New partnerships and enhancements.

In addition to its partnership with Tesla, Ford has struck deals with three new charger suppliers in the U.S. and Canada, Francis Energy, Blink and Red E. Through this partnership, more than 10,000 new chargers will be installed, including more than 550 DC fast charging stations.

While the company’s pricing has not yet been disclosed, these fast chargers will be available to Ford EV buyers through an adapter starting next spring. The company is also planning a significant increase in DC fast chargers starting in early 2024.

In doing so, Ford is focusing on quality as much as quantity in an effort to improve the charging experience for its customers. The updated Charge Assist feature allows drivers to find the nearest station, pay for a charge and start charging – all without leaving the vehicle.

A step toward eliminating range anxiety.

Bill Kreider, Ford’s senior director of global charging and energy services, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing reliable fast charging options. The move aims to eliminate range anxiety for all Ford EV drivers.

Currently, more than 80% of Ford EV drivers charge at home. However, by expanding and improving charging capabilities, the company expects to meet a wide range of charging needs.

Mutual benefit for Ford and Tesla.

Ford’s partnership with Tesla is not only good news for Ford EV owners, but also a significant benefit for both companies:

  • Benefits for Ford: This partnership allows Ford to significantly expand its EV charging network. This will improve the overall car ownership experience by reducing range anxiety and could attract more buyers to the company’s electric vehicles. In addition, a wider network of chargers contributes to the growth of the electric vehicle market as a whole.
  • Benefits for Tesla: Tesla can profit through a partnership like this one with Ford. Additionally, as more automakers adopt Tesla’s charging standard, the Supercharger network will become more widespread and possibly attract more customers.
  • This development benefits both companies. By increasing the availability and appeal of electric vehicles, they are furthering their goals in the fast-growing electric vehicle market. The future of electric vehicles is bright indeed!

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