2024 Suzuki Swift: Everything you need to know.

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The next-generation Suzuki Swift hatchback with timeless design and improved performance is unveiled at Japan Mobility.

The all-new Suzuki Swift was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, featuring memorable styling, a spacious interior and an affordable price. The officially unveiled model features a curved hood, brightly colored wheel arches and a small grille. Featuring mild-hybrid technology, the Suzuki Swift guarantees improved fuel efficiency and balanced performance.

Let’s find out all the details about the new Suzuki Swift.

Is the Suzuki Swift a good car?

If you are looking for a nice city car in a hatchback body, the Suzuki Swift deserves a look. With a curved hood and a relatively smaller grille, it creates the perfect sporty look with some eye-catching color options.

Inside, it is quite spacious and has a seating capacity for 5 adults. The elevated seats are just right for viewing the outside. Thanks to the competently assembled suspension, the car is best suited for city roads with bumps and provides good handling on tight corners. Also, the trunk is spacious enough to accommodate several bags of luggage.

The Suzuki Swift is powered by a 1.2-liter hybrid engine that ensures good fuel economy. The infotainment system with a 7.0-inch touchscreen offers fairly basic features.

How are the performance and fuel efficiency.

The hybrid Swift was undoubtedly the highlight of Suzuki’s display at the recent 2023 Japan Motor Show. While its hybrid technology was perplexing, the concept model provided enough support for the brand.

The old 4-cylinder gasoline engine is replaced by a 3-cylinder engine paired with a stop-start function, and a CVT will be effective for fuel economy. During driving, when the cars are constantly going through start-stop phases, this technology will be a lifesaver from excess gasoline consumption.

The Suzuki Swift Hybrid is powered by an 83 hp, 1.2 liter engine that is suitable for both city and highway driving. Great visibility, confident handling and appreciable speed.

What are the alternatives to Suzuki Swift in Pakistan.

The Pakistani market loves hatchbacks. For this reason, the Suzuki Swift is available in many variants including the Toyota Vitz, KIA Picanto, Changan Alsvin, Suzuki Cultus, Nissan March, Daihatsu Mira and Toyota Passo.

However, Suzuki Swift retains an edge over all these options due to its unrivaled affordability, better mileage, driving comfort and technological features that are just right for the Pakistani environment and culture.

Is the new Suzuki Swift safe?

The new Suzuki Swift has been tested by EURO NCAP, with the standard configuration scoring 83% for adult safety and 75% for child safety, indicating its average competitiveness in the market.

The car is equipped with a host of safety driving assistance features. These include:

Lane departure warning and prevention.

Autonomous emergency braking.

Blind spot monitoring.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

Rear parking sensor.

Gradient warning.

Adaptive cruise control.

Traffic sign recognition.

What the interior and infotainment system of the new Swift looks like.

The Suzuki Swift’s roomy interior gives it a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing look. The seats have comfortable seat covers and the leather-wrapped steering wheel adds warmth.

However, the infotainment system is quite simple and easy to use. The 7.0-inch touchscreen and 4.5-inch digital display make it easy to use with simple but essential functions.

The system is also equipped with all the technology you need, including radio, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and Android Auto.

Final Verdict.

As the brand states.

Suzuki Swift is the ultimate in street fun, impeccable style, unrivaled comfort and an affordable price that beats all its competitors.

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of features and technology with fuel economy, the new Suzuki Swift is a must-have.

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