10 powerful car hacks for better driving.

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Driving a car gives you that sweet pleasure of freedom that no one can understand better than me, since I just got my driver’s license.

I understand that it’s chaotic and overwhelming, especially if you’re a novice driver and learning the routes on your own.

But amidst all the hassle of traffic laws and intolerance of fellow drivers, self-driving makes you feel like a boss.

So, let’s make the pilot driving experience comfortable for you with these top 10 tips I’ve compiled from my recent experience.

1- Be confident.

Recognize that you have passed your driving test and know your way around the roads, so be confident.

But remember, passing your test doesn’t mean you can go wild on a busy road.

Driving comes with time.

Take pride in what you learn by placing the letter L on your rear windshield.

Self-confidence is all about sensible driving. So in the moment, pay less attention to what your fellow drivers notice about you to stay confident.

2. Practice, practice, practice!

Yes, you need to practice a lot!

Don’t be ashamed to practice. Everyone learns the same way.

First try practicing on quiet roads to get an idea of the dynamics of the car. Then start hitting the streets and finally main roads to encounter real traffic.

Don’t forget to practice on steep sections as they are the most difficult to overcome.

3. Slow down!

Exceeding the speed limit will lead you to hell!

I remember when I started taking driving lessons, I would sometimes hit the gas pedal instead of the brake by mistake. So first familiarize yourself with the car, the road conditions and the route and then gradually increase your speed.

My ideal speed at the beginning was like this:

Streets: 30-40 km/h.

Main roads: 40-60 km/h.

In this way, my car was completely under control.

4. Double honking.

Let me tell you that some people like to honk all the time. They will honk even when the roads are deserted!

So if you think someone is honking unnecessarily, ignore them, seriously!

And if someone tries to sass you, honk at them with a cool mind.

Trust me, it will give you inner peace.

5. Know how your car works.

It is very important to know the basics of how your car works.

For example, you should know:

  • Where the jack is located.
  • Where the spare tire is located.
  • How the hood opens.
  • What “red flags” can be seen while driving.
  • Under what conditions it is necessary to pull the vehicle out.
  • 6. Try independent travel.

    If anything, one tip to help you gain enough confidence is to drive on your own.

    For instance, when you drive with an instructor, he or she measures almost all the “red zones” and gives you the appropriate instructions.

    Whereas, self-driving helps in making an assessment of the car. It also helps in developing your decision making ability.

    So drive alone as much as possible – it will help you become a professional.

    7. Practice parallel parking in reverse more often!

    Rear parking was a milestone for me. I had never driven alone before.

    One day my driver had an eye sore and took a week’s vacation. There was no one to pick up my son from school. I decided to pull the car out of the garage by myself. That day I felt like I learned how to drive.

    8. Know your routes.

    We rarely pay attention to routes while sitting in the passenger seat.

    But unfamiliar routes can be unnerving, especially if you’re a novice driver.

    Something I did that helped me a lot was to always leave 10 minutes earlier than my scheduled time and explore new junctions and streets.

    This helped me to stay confident in my driving later on.

    9. Don’t get distracted.

    What could be more distracting than your phone?

    But please make it silent while driving. Since driving is a responsible activity, you are also risking other people’s lives.

    So avoid talking and making calls while driving.

    10. Keep your documents ready.

    Being prepared for unforeseen mishaps makes you even more confident.

    Compile a dossier that includes your driver’s license, a copy of your insurance, car documents, and identification.

    These documents will increase your confidence behind the wheel as you will be prepared for any incident.

    One can only hope that it never happens.

    Key takeaways:

  • You will learn to drive gradually, but the feeling of confidence will come to you by accident.
  • Do not speed.
  • Avoid loud music while driving.
  • Do not tailgate.
  • Driving is enjoyable as long as you do it wisely, so enjoy the ride.

    P.S. Remember that minor scratches and dents are an essential part of driving, so don’t let your morale crumble because of your first mistakes, but learn from them and become a better driver.

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