Export OPML From Mozilla Firefox to RSS Reader

Export OPML From Mozilla Firefox to RSS Reader

A tutorial on how to export live bookmarks (rss feeds or atom feeds) from Mozilla Firefox to an RSS reader like FeedDemon. In this tutorial, I am going to consider FeedDemon as the RSS Reader. Here are the steps for exporting Mozilla live bookmarks (RSS feeds or Atom feeds) as OPML file and importing the OPML file to Feed Demon.

1. First of all, you need to have the OPML Support add-on for Mozilla firefox. Open Mozilla Firefox, got to tools->add-ons-> get add-ons and search for OPML support.You can also get it from here
2. After installing and restarting Mozilla Firefox, go to Bookmarks and select “Show all bookmarks” option.
3. There will be an option called “OPML Support” as shown in figure below. Click on “OPML support” and choose “Export OPML”.
Export OPML File from Mozilla Firefox
4. You will get a new window as shown below. Since we are going to export only live bookmarks (rss feeds or atom feeds), let’s select only Live Bookmarks (Feeds) from the option that asks “What do you want to export?”
export live bookmarks as links from mozilla firefox
5. Select “Export links without folder data” as shown in figure the above figure.
6. Save it by giving a name, say “livemarks”
save opml as livemarks
7. Now that the export is complete, its time for us to import the OPML file to FeedDemon. Open FeedDemon.
8. Go to File->Import/Export->Import Feeds
9. There will be a new window that asks “What would you like to import?”. Choose “Import an OPML file” and locate the file by clicking on the folder icon.
10. After selecting the file, (in this case “livemarks.opml”), click next.
import an opml file in feeddemon
11. In the window that comes up after clicking next, choose all and then next as shown below.
Select bookmarks toolbar
12. In the next window, create a new folder as shown below.
destination folder of opml file
13. This is the last step, Click finish. Now all your live bookmarks from Mozilla gets transferred to Feed Demon. Enjoy!

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